"But we have a backup right?" - Deploying Kasten 10 to Civo Kubernetes

Learn how to deploy and setup Kasten10 backup on Civo Kubernetes

"But we have a backup right?" - Deploying Kasten 10 to Civo Kubernetes

The State of Modern Backup

This is a question that few people in IT want to hear and probably fewer want to answer! Backup is a cornerstone to any IT infrastructure, with the introduction of cloud computing and technologies like containerisation and kubernetes it is easy to be lulled into a false sense of security with backup.... "yeah it's in the cloud, it's backed up there".

Major incidents happen, even with cloud providers. We only have to look to the recent incident with ovh to see this. Also not all business have the budget or skills to deploy high avilability services and DR plans, doing so for most companies would not be cost effective. Therefore there is always a place in the IT infrastructure landscape for solid backup and recovery tools. Kubernetes has been one of the most important developments to IT infrastructure in recent years, the maturity of the product and the way it's delivered via cloud providers has made it an extremely accessible and attractive technology. However, due to the nature of Kubernetes and the concept of immutable containers along with the movement to infrastructure as code, it feels like backup soltuions have come as an afterthought or overly complicated. This is not a new experience in the industry, the move from phyiscal server backup to virtual machine backup took a similar path not to mention backup to the cloud.


When a solution comes along which is claiming to solve all these issues and as a kicker comes with the weight of a known leader in the backup space (Veeam) it definately gets my attention. Kasten K10 (by Veeam) is making big waves in Kubernetes circles and I thought I needed to get my hands on it! Plus it helps that they have a free version!

I will be testing the product on the Civo Kubernetes platform. If you've not yet set up an account on Civo, you can do that here and get $250 free credit! I'll wait.

Once you have a Civo account, you can follow along with deploying Kasten10 by following this link to my official Civo learn guide.

I hope this article has been useful and given you a chance explore the capability of Kasten10. If you have any questions please don't hesiate to contact me on twitter.