Monkey See Monkey Break

Monkey See Monkey Break

Pioneered by engineers at companies like Netflix and Spotify it's fast becoming a critical part of modern microservices architecture. I good friend of mine has built a small chaos monkey written using...

Testing podchaosmonkey 🐵

At time of writing this guide does not work properly on M1/M2 ARM macs.

Introduction 👋

The purpose of this project is to spin up a Kubernetes cluster and test podchaosmonkey.

Tools / Setup 🛠

Deploying the cluster 🚗

I will be deploying a managed Kubernetes cluster on Civo via the Civo CLI, for more information on how to setup an account and get started on Civo please see this link.

Cluster node sizes can be changed and updated, so let's look at what is available.

civo kubernetes size

Then we can choose a suitable node size:

civo kubernetes create chaos_test -s g4s.kube.small --save --merge --wait

Make the new cluster is our default context:

kubectx chaos_test

Check we have access:

kubectl get pods -A

Deployment 🚦

Next we can clone the repo

git clone

CD into the directory:

cd podchaosmonkey

Next we can pretty much follow the documentation in the repo:

Create a docker image and push it to a repo of your choice, i.e. dockerhub

make docker-build docker-push IMG=<some-registry>/podchaosmonkey:tag

Deploy the controller to the cluster with the image specified

make deploy IMG=<some-registry>/podchaosmonkey:tag

Deploy a sample workload

kubectl apply -f config/samples/sample-deployment.yaml

Create the Monkey resource

kubectl apply -f config/samples/podchaos_v1alpha1_monkey.yaml

Watch the Monkey do his thing! 🙈

watch kubectl get pods -n workloads

Have fun creating chaos! 🐵